A different kind of insights firm.

Inqui Research is a strategic research firm specializing in a unique experience-focused qualitative methodology. Our approach leverages the advances in the social sciences to produce exceptionally rich customer understanding and yield the kind of insights that solve complex business challenges.

Rethinking research. 

It's a new world. Advances in the social sciences reveal how people really feel, think and behave. Meanwhile, advances in technology have reshaped the world in which we live. It's time for qualitative market research to change as well. At Inqui Research, we are using these advances to help you better understand the people you serve—all while making your life easier and projects more efficient. It's time for a new insights firm.

Insight as inspiration.

Great insight work has the power to change the way we look at the world. It can help us stop seeing through our eyes and start seeing through the eyes of the people we serve. It can help us go beyond a rational understanding of behavior and give us the ability to deeply empathize. And, it can help us go beyond answering today's questions to anticipate tomorrow's answers. Great insight work has the potential to inspire great ideas.

Keep it simple.

There is a staggering array of qualitative research methodologies out there—but they usually are built on three basic element: listening to customers, watching their behavior and interpreting the meaning. Our approach focuses on doing these basics very well—and as a result one simple approach can address a wide range of business challenges. This passion for simplicity goes beyond the research method itself and guides us in everything we do.

Focus on experience.

Our focus is experienced-based interviews and observations. Past behaviors reveal patterns of decision making and current behaviors reveal opportunities and challenges. The insights from this work can change the way you think about how your customer thinks.



One simple approach with the potential to solve a wide range of business challenges.