Start with experiences. 

We study experiences. Instead of asking people for explanations, we focus on narratives of actual experiences to understand the reasons for behavior. It's unconventional but it's also good science.

Experience is fleeting. Memory lingers.

Since most experience is past experience we study yesterday as well as today. Our memory reconstruction interviews resurface the drivers behind past experiences and our contextual observations can reveal opportunities and challenges in present experiences. This approach provides a complete picture of customer behavior and strong foundation for related business decisions.

focused approach. broad application.

Most clients seek a better understanding of their customer to influence behavior in some way. We consistently help crack the code with an approach that leverages experience-focused interviews, contextual observations and comprehensive synthesis. The approach targets core drivers of behavior—the pivotal issue behind many of the challenges businesses face.

the inqui method

A targeted blend of insight interviews and remote observations is a highly effective approach. Our interviews use memory reconstruction techniques to effectively reveal core drivers. Remote observations typically complete the picture by revealing current contextual factors in an efficient manner. Ideally, our findings are immediately shared with the core client team in an intensive working session focused on activating the insights. We offer a number of ways to customize this approach to make sure it is the best possible fit for each client's unique situation.

when it's not a fit.

There are times when we aren't a great choice to help address a challenge. If we aren't a great fit, we are happy to help you find the right research partner for your project. 



One thoughtful approach can address a wide range of business challenges.