How do we activate insights and socialize findings? We offer a range of deliverables designed to bring insights to life:




executive summary

A brief review of the project background, objectives, findings and recommendations so readers will know at a glance what was learned and what actions may be appropriate.



A concise slide presentation intended to communicate the project findings and relevance in a compelling manor. Inqui Research presentations tend to be a visually-oriented summary of the project highlights designed to support active team dialogue.


Customer profile

The customer profile is a summary of the key insights about the audience studied. When used in conjunction with the composite interview (see below) the customer profile provides an interpretive framework that links the research insights to the key content of the interviews.


composite interview

As part of the synthesis process, we develop a composite interview transcript that captures the essence of many interviews as a story told in a single voice. This "perfect interview" is helpful with both interpretation of the interviews and in creating empathy for the audience under study.


Narrated interview (audio file)

To bring voice of the customer to life, the written version is professionally recorded to create a narrative that emulates the general tone and feeling of the interviews. The audio file can be used when sharing the project results to convey findings as well as the underlying feelings. 


INTERVIEW summaries

Each interview with a participant is roughly transcribed by the researcher live to serve as an aid during the synthesis process. These loose transcripts, while not perfect, provide a quick recap of the essence of an interview and are provided as part of the overall project findings.



Each interview is recorded and the recordings are shared in digital form as part of the overall project findings.


observation videos/imagery (Optional)

Videos and images are often captured as part of a behavioral study. Relevant videos and imagery are incorporated into the findings documents to support key findings. The complete collection of videos and imagery can also be included as part of the overall project findings when appropriate.




Each project includes on-going consultation as well as a core team work session to review the project findings in depth to refine the conclusions and initiate an action plan. Note: additional team consultation is provided in the Immersive Approach.



In some projects, a separate management presentation may also be beneficial. This presentation is developed specifically for senior management and typically last between one and three hours depending on the specific situation.



One of the most effective means of socializing findings with the broader team is a workshop. In most cases, the workshop will last approximately one day and will involve up to 20 people in presentations, activities and exercises designed to accomplish the specific goals of the team. 



Concept development  (OPTIONAL)

Insights from most projects can fuel a wide range of concepts. The concept development phase is designed to yield visually-oriented concepts which can be further tested or used as initial prototypes to spark development of ideas.


insights booklet (OPTIONAL)

A visually-oriented booklet designed to communicate key insights in a compelling way to a broader audience. It is designed to be shared as either an e-book or a printed booklet.


Extended report (optional)

For those wanting an in-depth analysis of a topic, an extended report is an option. These thought provoking studies dig deeper  to provide a richness of insight that goes beyond what is needed to achieve typical business goals.





Each project comes with a project site that provides instant access to project files from anywhere at any time (password protected of course). Want to listen to recorded interviews on your phone while you drive? No problem. Watch observational videos on your tablet from the couch? Simple. Interested in sharing the presentation with someone on your team? Just forward the link. Fast, simple and included with each project.